Pine Tree Creations

  Garden Rocks

        Would you believe that when you pick up a rock and hold it in your hand, you might be holding a rock that is millions and millions of years old ?  For me rocks and stones hold a special place in my heart. Have you ever skipped a flat rock across the surface of a lake? Or picked up a colorful rock and kept it for a good luck charm? Perhaps you might have panned for gold? 

        When searching for garden rocks, I look for a smooth surface on which to paint, but also a rock that has a little bit of character. When adding these garden rocks to your garden, they will add color and wonder for many, many years.

        These garden rocks are metamorphic in nature and come from the mountains in Massachusetts. All of these garden rocks are painted with non toxic acrylic paints and finishes which when applied provides a smooth, durable long lasting appearance.  These garden rocks were painted totally free hand with brushes. No stencils, decoupage or decals were used in the making of these pieces. Each piece is quite unique and certainly one of a kind.

Pansies with blue flowers: Dimensions Approx. 8" high X 12" wide Thickness:2"

A smaller rock featuring purple pansies with tiny blue flowers highlighted against a midnight blue background.   Completely sealed for life outdoors.  Price: $35.00 

Daisy with violets: Dimensions Approx. 11' high X 12" wide Thickness: 2"

This garden rock features white daisies with miniature violets, accented with lush greenery painted on a pine green background. Sealed for the weather outside.   Price: $35.00

 Pink Sweet Pea flowers: Approx. 15" high X 14" wide   Thickness: 2"

A more triangular shaped rock featuring tall pink flowers combined with miniature white blossoms, highlighted against a midnight blue background.     Price: $40.00